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dumb joke

dumb joke
This funny picture was added on 30 April 2005, 1:04:52. It was viewed 14466 times and was rated with an average of 0 (out of 5).



??? on 27 May 2010, 4:54:26

i no get it...


Dallas on 25 July 2010, 5:30:15

im confused about this?.....


steve on 28 July 2010, 22:48:57

he is making a bomb safe...duh

Jan de Riijk

Jan de Riijk on 31 July 2010, 14:08:28

could someone please explain this to me? [:confused:]


saif on 11 October 2010, 23:37:36

mistakingly a bomb


saif on 11 October 2010, 23:37:58

mistakingly a bomb


wtfman on 7 December 2010, 15:17:42

is that a nuck or bomb , or something.....


guest on 3 March 2011, 1:36:38

YOU IDIOTS! He's going to pop a bag of air behind a guy who is defusing a bomb, therefore scaring the living shit out of him during a very tense situation, hence the title "dumb joke"

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