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Dog found, tasted like chicken

Dog found, tasted like chicken
This funny picture was added on 21 April 2006, 18:23:44. It was viewed 59341 times and was rated with an average of 5 (out of 5).



crazymonkey on 4 May 2008, 18:15:15

now thats a good one man i would have been gutted if that was my dog [:biggrin:] lol [:biggrin:]


mikegiggler on 11 December 2010, 22:25:07

I bet the dog was well gutted too, LOL


Thomas on 29 April 2015, 13:48:46

The person who made this poster/sign probably had the words "tasted like chicken" in the computer's clipboard and (for some reason) accidentally hit Control-V before printing without noticing.


fdf on 19 September 2015, 3:02:22

tvtropes brought me here :)

beagles and lox

beagles and lox on 1 November 2015, 22:31:57

Thomas on 29 April 2015, 13:48:46's faith in humanity is an inspiration to us all, but unfortunately we must face the fact it is much likelier that some sick individual ate someone's innocent little puppydog than that they accidentally had a contextually sense-making Ctrl+V mishap and didn't proofread before they put up their poster.

Or was maybe just making a joke (judging by the absence of contact info...).

Jamison David

Jamison David on 3 December 2015, 8:59:34

@fdf - TvTropes also brought me here!

yeah, that last part... someone should've proofread


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