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When nothing goes right... go left

A great life advice you can always follow.

When nothing goes right... go left
This funny picture was added on 22 March 2010, 8:54:02. It was viewed 41134 times and was rated with an average of 0 (out of 5).



Ms.NaughtyGurL on 23 March 2010, 10:49:53

`aahah ! uu nqa nmn !! [:biggrin:]


michael on 23 March 2010, 20:47:18

funny [:lol:]


babigirl526 on 24 March 2010, 22:55:25

dis is cute


kat on 26 March 2010, 11:05:25



sid on 26 March 2010, 11:58:16

honga nman..haha! [:lol:]


haddad on 10 April 2010, 0:51:58

great really


monkey on 3 May 2010, 16:42:38

[:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:]


jhingztar on 7 May 2010, 6:44:58

ohh datz pretty true [:biggrin:]


locker on 13 May 2010, 10:59:10



Blitz on 22 May 2010, 16:51:54

very nice

whats the font name ?

pls guys need this font [:frown:]


victor on 21 June 2010, 10:49:05

cool [:smile:]


princess on 24 July 2010, 8:32:26

hahahaha!! thats so fimple funny !! lol [:mrgreen:]

pauly d

pauly d on 2 August 2010, 1:09:50

you guys are queers this issnt in any way shape or form anywhere near funny. this is the meaning of busticate [:sad:]


bill on 24 May 2012, 3:39:33



Melissa on 3 July 2012, 19:12:04

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