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Self walking dog

I got to get a dog like this. Just imagine how many hours of walking in the park I would save.

Self walking dog
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The Chief of Chiefs,

The Chief of Chiefs, on 23 November 2016, 19:09:32

God (its me)
dos't won't slaves
so he - the God who let grow iron and coal- gives swords in the right [hand] of them !!

Doitsche Übersetzung, German Translation, Translature da Allemagne:
Gott der Herr wollte keine KNECHTE
'drum gab er ihnen Schwerter zu seiner Rechten [Hand]
(Auszug aus einem Volkslied a la HEINO)

(e.g.: Man beachte, daß im Mittelalter die meisten Leute Rechtshänder waren. Die Anderen mußten es
zwangsweise sein, da Links verpöhnt war - mindestens! Die Linke Hand durfte jedoch der Rechten assistieren!)

Terrorism Administra

Terrorism Administra on 23 November 2016, 19:15:38

That Dog don't need a Guid ?
The Guide is in the Dog itself ?
Does he think something at his own?
Is it allowed?
The Guid's at the ''Real Escorte Service'' GmbH, Bremen Germany or elsewere
will see some pockt money flying );-D


DOGvadder on 23 November 2016, 19:44:13

Most Dogs will do in static Neightbourhoodwatch without payee.
Without any salery. It is boring.
When we'll go to the Catwalk, it will raise - so that look here:
will have a look some days older );-D
We may work as a pid-dog in CIA, FBI, NSA, NSU (Germany) or somewhat
We may slave the ''Ausländer'' while the Germans cry ''Wir sterben aus''
We may turning the hamster-well forward, but we will work only soo much like punks do -
only so much as is neccessary (We needn't to study BWL at any University for only working)
We'd let one or two of us flied into space, then at Apollo 11 the humans take control again. Was
this the end ?
We'll match your insurance off health, while we don't need an Computer-Spinning-Machine or how is called.
We'll take a nose off air from You and we'll know imeaditely how many man You are!
O.K.: We have a Problem whith our tin-food, or 5Kg-BigBag from the Discounter. We'd found Your body won't work
fine when You are eating Bones. So in the 5kg-Bag they are meeled. but in. On one of the tins was written
''for a nice Dog-skin''. That human I give him won't eat that.
There is to do much work to intregrate us. Lets go !!

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