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After Fifty Shades

You better go and get that Holy Bible now. Enough shades for you today.

After Fifty Shades
This funny picture was added on 17 October 2014, 5:54:01. It was viewed 6796 times and was rated with an average of 0 (out of 5).



Basant on 23 October 2015, 13:23:38

I LOVE YOUR BABETTE!Can you join each section in a difeerfnt color? I think that would be interesting. Otherwise, I kinda like green, because it will go well with so many colors.How are you joining them? I haven't decided how to join mine, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.


Shalyvie on 24 October 2015, 22:58:27

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Pricsilliano on 25 October 2015, 4:15:36

I am totally with Christina on that--one of the great thgins about getting older is that you do care less about what others think of you, and more about being true to yourself. Her glasses are definitely "spectacles". She goes on my list of Fabulously Fierce Style Icons, right next to Beatrix. [url=]onxppq[/url] [link=]bpfbnbhx[/link]


Open on 26 October 2015, 16:08:24

Knocked my socks off with <a href="">knwgeldoe!</a>


Octavio on 28 October 2015, 7:30:22

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