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Bacon apology

I slapped your face while I was drunk, but here's some tasty bacon so you'll forgive my manners.

Bacon apology
This funny picture was added on 24 October 2014, 9:54:01. It was viewed 9442 times and was rated with an average of 0 (out of 5).



111 on 28 February 2015, 9:17:14


Chad TSH

Chad TSH on 26 April 2015, 23:42:39

Yeah that happens when you're drunk CRAZYNESS


111 on 28 April 2015, 0:56:31

I'm not the real 111 I'm just a fan


John on 23 October 2015, 12:03:11

This piece was cogent, welwilr-tten, and pithy.


Natzu on 24 October 2015, 22:55:55

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Renjith on 25 October 2015, 4:12:48

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fattest pig

fattest pig on 12 January 2016, 22:46:40

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