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Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us please check the following questions and answers. Odds are you will probably get your answer faster than contacting us directly., about

What is about? is a website designed primarily to offer clean, free, funny images. We strive to keep adult material out of our website in order to ensure that our content is accessible to the general public. Other racist, homophobic, illegal or otherwise questionable content is discouraged. However, since there is a fine line between what is acceptable and what is offensive and it also varies from individual to individual please don't take anything personal. We're sure that you might find other funny content among our thousands of pictures.
Furthermore we do not apply any visible banners over the pictures and we will reject any image that doesn't follow this rule.

What types (extensions) of images can be uploaded to

You are able to upload JPEG, GIF or PNG files. These are the most important types available on the Internet. If you would like to upload a different file, please convert it into one of the above first using an image editor. Just renaming the file will result in an error.

Do you offer support for animated GIF files?

Unfortunately, our system is not compatible with such image types.

There is a copyrighted image on this website

Please contact us immediately and we will remove your content as soon as possible.

Why should I register? Will I receive spam if I give away my email address?

When you register you will be able to use the message board and to be a part of the community. Moreover, every image that you send us will be linked to your account. We employ industry specific best practices to keep your data secure. We will never send you spam or give away your email address to third parties.

How does the member rating system work?

The rating of a registered user is a number assigned to each account and it represents the user's activity on You may raise it by participating in discussions on the message board, uploading pictures or even adding comments. The points will be given as follows: 5 points for uploading an image, 3 points for starting a new thread, 2 points for replying to one and 1 point for adding a picture comment.

I have another question!

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