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o man.. shut up.. fuck up your ass.. this man was lucky between the two girl big breast... [:sad:] [:sad:] [:sad:]

wow someone should kick dave in his sack. that dude is cocksucker 4 sure. dont u just love people who voice stupid opinions. Dave...I hope you die

I would rather prefer even bigger boobs then that! [:twisted:]

its so funny

mr blobby
you fat bastard you fat bastard you ate all the pies i think hes a good contender for a pie eating contest [:razz:]

what a fucking retard 2 girls and a fucking fat cunt with dirrrrty manboobs he can shove that fag up his fat flabby ass ever heard of slimfast see the wiat come of or maybe special K but i think he needs to start a special A RETARD ! [:eek:]

this is man [:lol:] [:biggrin:]