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Thats wrong!
[:confused:] [:cry:] [:eek:] [:evil:] [:frown:] [:mad:] [:neutral:]

Of course, it's okay Too much alcohol is bad for a dog, but too much alcohol is bad for a human, too. Yet, we still like it. And so do they Taken in moderation, there is nothing wrong with it. Dogs are smaller than we are, however, so "moderation" means substantially less than it does for us. This dog looks to be licking the top of an empty can. So, how much is that? A drop or two? Let him enjoy himself. (If he drank that whole can, then I'd agree its too much).

cute!! but not ok!!! [:sad:]

its so wrong to feed your dog beer [:cool:] [:eek:] [:evil:] [:exclaim:] [:frown:] [:razz:]