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I am a product deingser from Hong Kong, nice to meet you. Actually I saw some of your products (pet plus) showing at the HK trade fair, nice work.I really appreciate this blog, I think you've brought a different voice to your country.Its sad to hear you said that you are not suitable for the design industry of Taiwan; since all of the deingsers in HK are saying the same thing HK is really not a satisfiable environment for deingser I've read some of you poses. There is one of them that you've mentioned about others students work. You said they pick the safe option' for their design project, such as a chair..But what is the risky one? What do u mean by safe'? Why do they have to take a risk?I think everyone have to convince themselves when taking a risk, what for?When I am designing a chair, that means, I am designing something to be sat. At least I have a purpose There must be something for me to design for..I am curious, how do u convince yourself when u're taking a risk?

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Not funny but cool i want one [:lol:]