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only ugly women are feminist hot women don't seem to mind being objectified

this picture is fake in that it was set up

[:rolleyes:] Just a quick question. Just imagine for a moment one these Hooter Girls was your mother, sister, daughter or wife. What would your TRUE opinion of their profession be? Would you mind saying your mother works at Hooters in front of your entire class? For me it would be like as if she was a stripper. If your sister came up to you and asked you if she should work at Hooters what would your HONEST answer be. Would it be: "sure sis, go ahead". Or would it be:"If you really want to be a nobody and be remembered for your breasts rather than your heart and mind, and if you want to break my soul in half do it but I'm NOT talking to you till you find a dignified job." I know my brother's response would be the latter and I love and thank him for it. Sometimes Indian brothers seem a bit over-protective but in a zero morals society such as this I guess one has to be, so I won’t moan at him when he gets over bearing any more. So, when about to spew rubbish comments like these just remember it's someone's mother/sister/daughter/wife you are downplaying [:confused:]