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Things superheroes are good at

Things superheroes are good at

The activities of an average superhero in a pie chart.


ben wilton
im ben an i love superheroes more the my bf nick austin we are gay together i want him so much i love you nick xxxxxxxxx [:biggrin:]

nick austin
superheroes are awsome i wish i was one im 16 and i want you [:biggrin:] [:confused:] [:cool:] [:cry:] [:eek:] [:evil:] [:exclaim:] [:frown:] [:lol:] [:mad:] [:wink:] [:twisted:] [:surprised:] [:smile:] [:sad:] [:rolleyes:] [:redface:] [:razz:] [:question:] [:neutral:] [:neutral:] [:neutral:] [:mrgreen:] [:arrow:] love from nick austin

true pal true [:cry:]

gotta love ur bf a lil more, what do u say [:exclaim:]