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Not so nice cupcakes

Not so nice cupcakes

Ever eaten a cupcake with weed or mushrooms? How about pills?


MMM jami.I love this cake [:biggrin:] [:lol:]

id like to have the muffin with a weed.. ``

I. Love. This. <3

MineLoveBaby x)
LOL . :>

Seems it is a doctor's collection [:frown:] and "I" would go with M.J as the best of the best indeed. It had been recommended in religion centuries ago, which in these days became in hospitals, as a medication with the most minimum side effects of course, since it is a natural remedy, you do not have to smoke it, but you can boil it and drink it as in tea & coffee, in ancient time some used to smoke tea as well lol indeed.

i reckon they'd taste fer good

Jesse quail
Pot browines pot browines everyone loves pot brownies, but when i bring crystal-meth cupcakes to the party, everyone thinks im the weird-o [:razz:] [:twisted:] [:arrow:] [:mrgreen:] [:razz:]