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Free hugs

Free hugs

As long as they're free why not take a couple?


bianca therese phili
her legs are huge and shes ugly ang pangit

bianca therese phili
hey remove that kids would see that like me and im still 10

not funny [:neutral:]

sexy fuck me babes

ronald alfhon
oh!!shit so yummie![:eek:]

who is she? what's her name?

no nononono
from a nigger? no im not hugging that. even if it's that big.

What´s Funny? it is Hot!! :D too hot!, I lovin these kinda hugs!... [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] oh i got it, the "Fun part" its when u read Free Hugs nd look at her bubbies! u says " OH MY GOD is it free"!? hahaha

I think I'll pass.. [:confused:]

sexy girl [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:]

Damn those boobs would suficate me!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [:mrgreen:]

i dont get it ... whats wrong with it [:question:] [:question:] [:question:]

paolo penera
come on baby ! ride mine like a horse ! [:mrgreen:]

Someone who REALLY w
It isn't funny, but it also shouldn't be removed [:mrgreen:]

di nman kgandahan.. PANGEET! [:exclaim:] [:exclaim:] [:exclaim:]

VERY GOOD [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:]

i want a hugs i want to hump her [:eek:] [:eek:] [:eek:] [:eek:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:smile:] [:smile:] [:smile:] [:smile:] [:wink:] [:wink:]

Look at her legs GUYS [:wink:]

S I Shah
Man asked: what is your name? Girl replied: I am Ann! Ha ha ha ha. Is not that fun? Well, it is, according to the standard that made this picture funny.

yea wats funny abt that???? [:confused:]

praise the Lord amen! remove that picture God will get mad at us [:mad:]

alice bower
yah that's right!u should remove that! [:exclaim:]

lee ung min
hey!it's a bad pic u should remove it! come on guys open ur eyes! [:eek:]

wooooooooooh [:lol:]

damn i wnt a hug [:cool:]

kenn wesley love ama
what's funny???????? [:question:]