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What time is it?

What time is it?

Certainly a not so useful clock.


WOW i don't now what time is it [:neutral:] [:eek:] .... Yes i gotit is :12:5.. [:biggrin:] [:eek:] [:razz:]

ya no
that isnt very funny at all [:sad:] [:sad:] [:sad:] [:sad:] [:evil:] [:evil:]

maji jose
the top time

this clock its wrong that have 13 nows 8D

i want to have that kind of clock for a lazy girl like me....hehehh

Fat Boy 42
There's no present like the time.

c'est quoi sa? [:exclaim:]

The most funny picture ihad ever seen [:mrgreen:]

BORING [:frown:]

no, it's correct. it has 12 nows :P

Logical & Realistic clock, since we never consider time unless we have something in mind, and this thing/s have been controlled by time, at the time you think about time for whatever is inside your mind then it should be the correct time, but with time control can't be anymore, slaved to time. In ancient time they used to determine time by the length of objects' shadows while daylight to do the prayers and that is it. lol