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Upskirt time

Upskirt time

There's always that guy with the upskirt photos.


Fat Boy 42
And there's that guy with the sweaty armpit photos, too....

Ye' Naung
What are you doing now? I don't understand. What happens?

@ fat boy & gea lyn... You guys are missing the big picture, it's not the sweat in her armpits that this picture is funny for... Look again..

gea lyn
wew,.,!bad odor!

kiss my furry cheeks
OMG as if you guys dont know whats funny look at the guy with his hand coming out of the fence to the bottom and look at what hes trying to do. LOL

alwin garcia
nice one

kamarul zaman

wow that guy is to cool

Is this site for a young sense of humor? I say, he is the guy grabbing at girls cllimbing out of the lake onto the raft... Kick him in the head, then get busy wherever you can reach with your pointy Puerto Rico Street fighting boots!

even funnier when he looks at the pic and it's not a girl!