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Pregnancy fail

Pregnancy fail

Woman waiting for her husband to come back from Iraq after 12 months of being at war.


This picture can say good or bad things about military wives..

Also, that envelope that she's holding? It has an ultrasound picture in it. She waited until her husband was home to find out the baby's gender. That was also in the original article that no one bothered to read. But, saying that the baby isn't her husband's makes for a much better story!!

@Sammie- you could be very wrong, too. Just because your mother and husband didn't get R&R doesn't mean others don't. Why would you assume that? I agree with Amy. My husband was recently deployed and had R&R, so this baby is probably an R&R baby. If you do some research, this photo is a few years old and her husband was returning home to Ft. Carson, the picture was originally posted in a military newspaper and the couple told the reporter that the baby was conceived during R&R, 5 months prior to the soldier returning home.

@Amy, you're actually very wrong. My Mom and husband were both gone for 15 months and did NOT get any leave.

You're all idiots. Service members who are deployed for 12 continuous months get a 2 week "vacation" called R&R. This is what we military people call an R&R baby. You're idiots.

Everyone but Katie and Amy are idiots.

Lee and Nav are idiots for not knowing pregnancy lasts 9 months. And even if you guys didn't know, that is what school is for...and google :D

If he has been gone 12 months then it isn't his baby because you are only pregnant for 9 months hahaha

If you think this is a fail, you're ignorant.

the dad hasnt been back for 12 months and shes pregnant :/ hahahahaha

baby who.....

nav, you're fucking retarded if you don't get this.

Not so funny its boring