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I surrender, stop it!

I surrender, stop it!

Okay, let's stop fighting I surrender! Noooo. ARRRRGHHHHHH HYAAAAH!


Lord Larry D Jordan II has did anything from clinectlog garbage to helping people in need. I am a man who desires to be a shining light to his peers and and sufficient husband, father ,brother, friend and son. I ask dear Lord that is the Loard of all and athe Lord of my life to hear my cry. I remeber when I was only 13 years old you hear my cry for my father soul and You heard it and you save him and my mothe r. Now they are bothe pastors and are real christian and due You justice by their way of living. i pray that all my dreams and inventions and proposals and business plans , product submissions patetns and designs comes to fruition. Lord you have given me favor with a wife pray that you give me favor so I can truly provide for my family and friends adn associates and thier families and friends too. I pray that I be a MAN amongst men and alover of righteousness and not a lover of myslef. I pray that I show love and fearlessness towards evil. I pray that my sons and daughters grow up in adoration of You and seek holiness. I to stand up and than You for the life yand blessings you have given me for the world to see. I want you to say well done my good and faitful servent and other great things after that. I need to have your desire, power and WORd in my heart. I declare that my seed is yours and my life will be as YOU have plan I from this day I line up as a man of GOD. Lord I know that everything is yours and the fullness thierof and they that dwell theirin Lord give knowledge and wisdom to be a just man and help people live good and peacful lives. Let my spirit man mature and mind along with it into a soldier and a man of good faith like Enoch and Elisha and Elijah. Lord I love you and may this pray find your heart and minister unto you. Amen

God in Heaven' you are the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Jesus I come to u with a heavy heart begging you to foirvge me where I have failed you. Lord you know I lost my job and me and the kids have had no income. Jesus you know what bills I have past due and coming due. I am coming to you humbly asking you to look down and when people say no that you will overcome and say YES. Jesus please let me get my check for my vacation pay please God. Put my resume in the site of the employer you wish me to have. Jesus you are all I have. I am standing in your word. You gave us our home and car and I know that you have plans for us to prosper. Please give me peace and take these worries away. I ask it all in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen