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Paper beats rock

Paper beats rock

The moment of truth, when we eventually find out that paper does not beat rock.


random random
LMAO, paper beats rock, every time! hahahahah! [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:lol:] [:lol:]

bianca therese phili
i have a feeling that nigger guy really likes playing rock,paper,scissor

hey there's a facebk pg w/ this pic as the.. page pic. n protesting against paper beating rock. lols! i joined it. n wat in the blazes do u ppl hav against... Negro ppl? u r not any better than them (then again, wat xactly hav they done wrong>). in fact u r worse. so stop being racist.

Charlotte rara
LOL.. paper cant beat a very BIG ROCK!!!

y are white people so ignorant.... ugh!!

haha !! its like the game i know .. lol!^^ [:mrgreen:]

the hot one
LOL [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:] [:lol:]

xit ang gago ngay!!! [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:twisted:] [:twisted:] [:twisted:] [:twisted:] [:twisted:] [:twisted:]

the man
hehe [:biggrin:]

lols that is funny and kinda stupid.. ><

jaquelene yabour
use the paper to wipe your ass niger, and follow-up with rock until it bleeds

lj d f8emus,...aDMin
non in dat situation.but in the game it truely is the winner..use your head boy.. [:wink:]

CuLlen Princess
Nice, but you cannot use paper to protect you incase of that situation that the rock falls on you, you might die ahahhaha... nice one, thumbs up... [:smile:]

hahahah rock,sckisor,paper [:mrgreen:] hahahahahahaha he is crazy what a idiot

What an idiot

not in this situation buddy!!!!and whoever wrote die niger die !i you can roit in hell with hitler and all the other races!! you little peice of shit!!!you die you little fucker!!!!

haha .. b'.'d [:razz:]

die nigger die! [:biggrin:]

hahaha [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:]

[:mrgreen:] [:neutral:] [:redface:] [:neutral:] [:arrow:] [:arrow:] [:lol:]