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4 fingers

4 fingers

Hmm I forgot to add her 5th fingers. No worry, nobody will notice anyway. Our product is sure to sell now.


bianca therese phili
shes just hiding her pinky and how could she lift that thing

Parents were from Chernobyl...

just relax
hey, it's just a russian ad, i think the baseline means "we speak to you in the future tense" And it's obviously photoshopped :)

Its not a deformity, its PHOTOSHOPPED. Aside from the 4 fingers, look at her hands, shes barely touching the computer. Have you ever tried to lift one of those things? You have to get under it in order to lift it... and here shes barely touching it with her fingers. Her thumb on her left hand is also incorrect.

Tenshi Akuma
thisis just mean, posting this as a 'funny picture'. i hate it when people make fun of deformalities... is that even a word?

The world may never
dude, i feel sorry for this girl, and they are pointing it out on the web. (if this is real)

Hmmm... Carly.
Actually quite sad. Feel sorry for the girl. [:mad:] Agreeing with Lenny though, she is still pretty. (Im not a lez in ANY way.) [:rolleyes:]

wow shes pretty anyway [:razz:]

makes me reminds of the film avatar.. they only have 4 fingers..hahaha

how is this funny? [:neutral:]

ahahahah.! it made me laugh so loud. LOL [:lol:]


it suppose to b funny but its not [:cry:] [:sad:] [:eek:]

i don't think it matters if you have 4 fingers or anything else wrong with you at least you can do something so u don't think that just because there's somethin wrong with you you can't do anything


ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww............... [:lol:]

wow what a dumbass .it irritatates the fuck ut me when when people dont use their brians.four fingered sally...more like for fingered dumbass id sue the hell out of them for making me look lke a tard..... [:evil:] [:twisted:] [:frown:] [:mrgreen:]

Mark Getsetgo!
Wow! What a shame for the girl... People would thake the mik but... Wow! [:rolleyes:]