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Look right

Look right

Look right. No, not that right, your other right.


ha ha ha tl tl tl u mean right nhe [:razz:]

haha it dont work

[:lol:] [:rolleyes:] [:mrgreen:] [:redface:] [:razz:] [:twisted:]

They should complete like " <--- Look right THERE!!

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Eloksomo senior el f on 12 September 2010, 12:33:42 I tought that was Right! : ( ^don't worry ,so did i :D [:biggrin:]

Eloksomo senior el f
I tought that was Right! : (

mai il seéé trompeeeeeeee [:arrow:]

Justine Nanice
hhahahahahhaha lol [:arrow:] [:biggrin:] [:confused:] [:cool:] [:cry:] [:eek:] [:evil:] [:exclaim:] [:frown:] [:lol:] [:mad:] [:mrgreen:] [:neutral:] [:question:] [:razz:] [:redface:] [:rolleyes:] [:sad:] [:smile:] [:surprised:] [:twisted:] [:twisted:] [:wink:]

you mean look left [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:] [:razz:]

Woah. RIGHT = [:arrow:] [:wink:]

krissy Xxx
OMFG [:biggrin:] [:biggrin:]

sdvzdz [:cry:] [:rolleyes:]

LoOk RiGhT..... [:arrow:]

Han: Haha sometimes I want to espcae from school too, especially when you find that schooling is nothing more than stress, assignments and whinings from teachers. But I've learnt how to look at the bright side of life :) school is fun, especially when you know that you've got so many great people to hang around with! Well for the moment almost all my readers know roughly who I am I just avoid blogging too much about personal things since blogging to me is not really like a nagging and whining platform, but rather a place to share your life journey with others. Haha!Rei: Same here! I don't really like taking photos of myself. It's a very myself thing which I think I have to learn to overcome but not at the moment being :mrgreen: heh.Nonnie: Haha yea you can eaisly pick my face out of the photo since it's the face that appears so rarely on this blog that you immediately know whose face is it :razz: lol.Yunia: Thanks for your compliment! Well actually I didn't have any specific order the photos are not arranged by date (chronologically). I just try to group related photos together so that they don't look too out-of-the-place.Milky: I don't know! Haha! I m thinking of someone who can enlighten me on this very issue maybe I just don't feel comfortable about my appearance. Haha!