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Stops rust

Stops rust

You better need 2 cans of this in case one can starts to rust.


smiley smurf

The world may never
what tha? i get the pic, but why? because where i come from that would probaly actually happen.

Hmmm... Carly.
Its not really dumb. You're the dummy. Its called a JOKE. I lol'd at it. [:lol:]

its not the container that stop rust, its the content.. dumb..

kressel reyes
hahahaha... [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:] [:mrgreen:]

andrej aleksic
haha.....stop rust!!! [:mrgreen:] [:rolleyes:] [:eek:] [:razz:] [:lol:] [:wink:] [:biggrin:]

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