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Duct tape street repairs

Duct tape street repairs

They decided they weren't going to wait for someone else to fix their street.


dont take the piss out of my handy work lol [:exclaim:] [:biggrin:]

WTF!!! [:exclaim:] [:exclaim:]

NOT telling
this is funny i am typing on the computar i bet you cant do that!! [:mrgreen:]

Gyro Gun
Looks like Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2) tried to help. Leave it for zombie killing tools Chuck. [:mrgreen:]

hahahahahaha!! [:razz:] [:biggrin:] [:lol:] [:wink:] [:smile:] [:mrgreen:]

not going to say
Did it stay like this for long? [:razz:] [:razz:] [:smile:] [:biggrin:] [:mrgreen:] [:lol:]

Tit licker
Holy shit Lucius bubble gum duct tape [:eek:]

Hope he/she didn't call the ambulance [:wink:]